23 Months

7 Sep

U.S. Trip 2015 108

At 23 months, I want to remember that you already have more frequent flyer miles than most adults having already made three trips to the U.S. before you’re even two. I think you had a great summer swimming almost everyday; seeing your U.S. family; and going to the beach. Your little personality is more evident every day. It’s fun seeing you rediscover things now that you know what they are. I love when you take my hand, say ‘go,’ and lead me to where you want to go, which is usually to your room to read. You learned more than 30 words in one month including: ‘good morning,’ ‘please,’ ‘book,’ ‘cochon’ (pig), ‘bug,’ ‘pousette’ (stroller), ‘fan,’ ‘pool,’ ‘door’ (which you say dawl), ‘bless you’ (when someone sneezes), ‘c’est chaud’ (it’s hot), ‘honey’ (what I call your papa), ‘fish’ (which you learned in the Keys), ‘ice,’ ‘money,’ ‘mine’ (which you say a lot now), ‘fell’ (when something falls to the ground), ‘color’ (when you want to use your crayons), ‘dance’ (you always want to do this), ‘sit down,’ ‘lay down,’ ‘froid’ (cold), ‘fruits’ (I could listen to you say this all day – it’s the cutest), ‘arrêter’ (stop, which you say ‘ette’), ‘ball/ballon,’ and ‘open.’ You know how to count to 10 – well, at least you have the sounds for each number. You are getting better and better at saying your ABCs. Now when I drop you off at daycare you give me a big kiss and hug and wave me goodbye. You started to help me in the kitchen. Your first task was to wash the salad and use the salad spinner to dry it. Every time I look at you I honestly can’t believe you’re mine. I can hardly believe you’ll be two next month!


Here you are around this time last year.


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