20 Months

9 Jun

20 Months

At 20 months, I want to remember how fun you are now. How when I ask you to do simple things like go get your pjs, you are able to do it; you are adding words to your vocabulary including ‘yeah,’ ‘oohlala,’ ‘more,’ ‘hot,’ ‘shoes,’ ‘ca’ (this), ‘main’ (hand), ‘book,’ ‘good girl’ and ‘ball.’ When asked where your head, eyes, mouth, teeth, nose, ears, hair, toes, hands and belly button are you are able to point to them. You are now drinking from a regular cup. You do sounds for a dog (ra, ra) and a lion (sort of a grunting noise – you use this sound for many animals). You are now singing some of the songs of your favorite video. You are able to go down the slide at the park, and today you learned how to use the tall steps to get there. You are always the life of the party and you continue to love music more than anything else (grand-père gave you your first piano lesson). I look forward to lots of lazy summer days with you!


p.s. one year ago this was you.


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