The King (or Queen) of Cakes

11 Jan

You have to love France for its seasonality of fruits, veggies, cheese, wine, and even pastries. Currently, we are in the time of the ‘galette des rois,’ or as most Americans know it down in New Orleans as the King Cake. Here, it’s a light and flaky crust with ‘frangipane’ (almond paste) inside. It comes with a crown and the person who eats the piece that has a little trinket inside (ours had a small plastic clown) is the king (or queen) for the day. There are lines out of the bakeries here to buy them just after the New Year and are usually steadily sold for a few weeks after.

Last night, our little girl ate her first piece of galette and was crowned queen.

Galette de rois 1.10.15



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