15 Months

7 Jan

15 months

At 15 months, I want to remember that you’ve started to use the potty; you kiss and hug absolutely everything; you still love eating; you decided you no longer like milk; you know how to put your arms through sleeves; you comb your hair and brush your teeth (sort of); you have 11 teeth; you can put the shapes into the correct holes; at the end of the day you welcome home papa with big open arms; you went sledding for the first time; you started to make your first little mischief; you learned how to get down from the couch; you’re still not walking, but you’re so close; and still, your favorite toys are your books although your new doll and stroller that you got for Christmas are a close second.



2 Responses to “15 Months”

  1. Elodie March 4, 2015 at 3:32 pm #

    Ohlala! So cute! Love the photo and what you write is inspiring

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