The First Day

2 Oct

First Day of Creche - October 2, 2014

Today was your first day of daycare. It wasn’t perfect as I had imagined it would be complete with the perfectly staged first day of daycare photo….you didn’t want to eat your breakfast, you cried on your way to daycare, and when we got there and I handed you over to the wonderful ladies you were ok…then you cried. You cried for the 20 minutes I was there talking with the director and when I left you were still crying. I told myself it was ok, but then I cried. I cried as I walked home. I called your papa and he told me it was going to be ok. And I knew that, but I still cried. So I sent a text to the director and she sent me a few photos and I felt a little better.

You and me, we’ve been attached at the hip for one year and so today on the first day of daycare I thought I would be happy – not to leave you, but to start my life again out in the world. I went to lunch with your grandparents who are visiting from the U.S. and went shopping – for you of course. It was a beautiful sunny day, but I can’t say I enjoyed it. I missed you. I wondered what you were doing. If you ate your lunch. If you are taking your nap. If you like the other kids. If you. are. ok. I won’t know for another hour when I go to pick you up, but I want you to know I’m thinking about you always; and will for the rest. of. your. life. I love you. Mom.



2 Responses to “The First Day”

  1. Melissa van Herksen October 2, 2014 at 1:02 pm #

    Been there. done that. trust me daycare a couple hours a day is GREAT for her. my boys loved it. Sam was easy practically kicked me out…Luka cried for about a week then would cry when he didn’t have “school.” It is hard for us moms to let go….hang in there my friend!

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