What I Did This Summer

25 Aug

Wow, my first summer in France and it was a blast! We went on a road trip and I go to go to the beach, ate meals with the big kids, met some new friends, learned how to sit up on my own, drink my own bottle and crawl. Not to mention getting to go to places in the West of France like Poitiers, Île de Ré, LaBenne; a quick day trip to Saint Sebastian in Spain and then finishing with hikes in the mountains. Here are just a few photos of the things I liked best….

006Our first stop was in Poitiers, where we stayed in an old church.

034There was some beautiful scenery in Poitiers alongside all of the churches there.

011This is one of the many churches in Poitiers.

038We also visited a park that had a giant xylophone.

045We only spent two nights in Poitiers and then we headed to Île de Ré to stay with some friends who rented a house there. My dad is always cooking, which is good because he’s a great chef.

046That’s me with our friend Romain.

048I got to meet my potential Parisian boyfriend Arthus – he was too cute!

059This was one of my first times in the ocean. Can you tell I was happy?

065I also got to play in the sand with my new Hello Kitty bucket and shovel.

075There’s my dad at it again buying some fresh fish for lunch.

079After all that food, he took me on my first bike ride.

091One day we went to a restaurant along the ocean where we ate some fresh oysters.

095Check out that spread! I didn’t even get to eat any of it…

107But I was still happy…

125That’s our walk back from another island. I thought it was cool how the ocean was next to a wine yard…wow, only in France!

126Our next stop was LaBenne. That’s the beach the first day we arrived. I thought it was too busy for a dip.

132Instead, I played with my new girlfriends.

142I even got to eat at the kids table.

171One day we took a trip to Saint Sebastian in Spain. That’s all of us eating our ice cream.

168We finally got a family shot.

144I got to go to the beach again, but it was too cold to swim so mom let me play in the sand instead.

212After all those beach days we headed to the mountains to do a little hiking. That’s dad and I getting close to the lake in Flaine.

209One day we went for a hike with some of our friends.

202Look at the view!

200Of course, with all of that hiking my parents had to make a stop for lunch. We found a cute place in the middle of the forest.

192I even got to see some lambs and a horse.

190That’s my mom…but don’t let her fool you – that rock is pretty close to the ground 😉

188A small waterfall on one of our hikes.

182I had such a great time! I wonder what we’ll do next summer….


2 Responses to “What I Did This Summer”

  1. Jessica August 25, 2014 at 2:41 pm #

    So adorable! I don’t like heights either;)

    Jessica Adelman, LCSW Sent from my iPhone


  2. Jacquie August 25, 2014 at 4:24 pm #

    Such great photos, Courtney! Quelle belle famille!

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