What’s your Pinterest?

18 Jul

When I first arrived to Lyon three years ago I was lost in a country where I didn’t speak the language, had no full-time job and had all the time in the world to discover what I loved – cooking and petite crafts. I started to find bloggers around those subjects that I could use for my cooking and crafting inspirations and began bookmarking those interests. Just then, I started hearing about a new social network called Pinterest and it was perfectly matched for collecting and organizing my recipes and potential DIY projects. I started pinning like crazy – it became an obsession, so much so that when my husband is hungry for something in particular he asks me if I have a recipe pinned for it. Well, fast-forward to the present and low-and-behold my little obsession paid off, as I was recently contacted by Pinterest here in France asking me if I wanted to meet other Lyon community members in an evening picnic at a local park. How cool!

Pinterest Picnic Collage

I took a friend of mine along and we indulged in small bites from Michel et Augustin and took home some fun Pinterest gifts. I didn’t technically meet any other “pinners,” as my friend and I were lost in our own conversation (i.e. I’m always terrified to speak French), but I thought it was a really great way for Pinterest to engage its community.

Now, three years since my arrival I’m sort of speaking the language, have a job teaching public relations and social media at a local journalism school (I’m sure I’ll be talking about this picnic in class) and have little time to myself now that I have a daughter, but I would say I’m no longer lost in this beautiful country; and my recipes are ridiculously organized!

Do you have any interests that help you to unwind?

Bon appétit and happy pinning!



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