See Music

2 Jun

There have been a few times in my life where I’ve tried to pursue the arts. When I was a little girl I took piano, which was actually keyboard – I was decent (I won first place for a duet with a boy), but didn’t have the patience for it. I took ballet, and tap, and jazz, but I wasn’t good at any of it. I tried painting – I wasn’t brave enough to put anything on the canvas. As I got older, I went to see plays – I could do musicals, but the other ones bored me. I went to an opera – walked out after 20 minutes. Became a member of a museum – they had cocktails, so that lasted awhile. And then this past weekend my husband and I went to the symphony. It wasn’t something I had wanted to do – they were tickets my in-laws gave me for my birthday earlier this year. I mean a concert of my favorite band ok, but watching people sitting playing instruments just didn’t seem like something I needed to see. Boy was I wrong! I just kept saying to myself over and over again – I’m actually seeing music…the notes themselves were coming to life. It was one of the most magical things I think I’ve experienced to date.

I had no idea just how complex a symphony is – I always had something to see whether it was the conductor directing the musicians (he’s actually doing stuff with that stick) or being fascinated by how the pianist played (at one point he plucked one of the strings inside the piano while he played). Sometimes you would hear the slightest sound and realize it was just a tap on a triangle or a small hit on a drum. I kept wondering how the person who composed the piece selected those tiny sounds that actually enhanced the piece. There were times I closed my eyes to see if I could pick the instruments out or just allowed myself to be swept away by the music. It all made me forget how upset I was for leaving my daughter with her grandparents overnight for the first time. It made me realize that there are still things I haven’t tried….



4 Responses to “See Music”

  1. Dindy Yokel June 2, 2014 at 7:32 pm #

    So glad you enjoyed the symphony – you know my love for classic music – but always appreciated you patience and willingness to teach me about bands like Death Cab for Cutie. I still listen to the Mix CD you made me – it lives in my car. But you didn’t say what you heard at the symphony??? Tell me more.

    • Pardon My French June 2, 2014 at 7:54 pm #

      It was actually a jazz symphony called I Got Rhythm of Geroge Gershwin with pianist Stefano Bollani. I’m interested to see another one of the classical variety to see if I like it just the same. That’s awesome that you still have that CD!

  2. Melissa van Herksen June 2, 2014 at 8:34 pm #

    wow, beautifully said. I need to go to the symphony now. I have never been. I will go to any musical. I am a sucker for anything broadway, but never thought I had the patience to sit through a symphony. I might be wrong. Miss you girl!

    • Pardon My French June 3, 2014 at 5:15 am #

      I guess it will depend on which symphony you go to. Ours was jazz, but I would like to see a classical one just to see if I feel the same way. You’ll have to take all 3 of your boys!! 😉 xoxoxo

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