Dear Santa

18 Dec

Victoria with Santa 2013

Dear Santa,

I understand you are busy with it being only one week until it’s “go-time,” but after we met last week I got to thinking and I felt I needed to send you a formal letter. You see, my parents (my mom if we’re being specific) decided to dress me in blue the day we met (I think it was because she found the sweater cute and not too Christmas-y, sorry) and you Mr. Santa took the bait and said I was a cute boy (un mignon garcon, to be exact). I’m here speaking for all 21st century babies when I say I think you have a small problem up there in the North Pole. Why is it that all girls should be dressed in pink and boys in blue? Me, I’m not really that into pink although people tell me it’s my color. I much prefer natural tones actually. Anyway, as time goes on Mr. Santa I think you’ll get to know me and you’ll find out that my Christmas list won’t ever be full of pink dolls and fake housewares. In fact, I may prefer a truck, or a car, or a train or maybe a kit that allows me to build something.  I wasn’t born yesterday (it’s been three months), but I think other girls of the 21st century are with me on this one. So, just keep that in mind this season and next when you and your little helpers are picking out gifts for us girls. Well anyway, I hope you have found me to be a good baby these last three months (I’ve been sleeping well for my parents). I don’t have much on my list this year – I’m saving up for the big load next year (hint, hint).

Enjoy your sleigh ride and have a happy New Year. I’ll catch ya next year!

Merry Christmas,



2 Responses to “Dear Santa”

  1. Dindy Yokel December 19, 2013 at 4:08 pm #

    Darling Courtney – wonderful post – gave me lots of good laughs which make any day brighter. Enjoying the images and everything you send. All the best for a happy, healthy and love-culled 2014,

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