Her little corner of the world…

22 Sep

Her Little Corner of the World

We’ve arrived to the final countdown in order to welcome our little girl into the world! I keep saying to myself that it’s a bizarre feeling to be making all of these plans and preparations for someone that is still a bit imaginary now. She already has so many things, we have so many plans made with her, and everyone has already declared their love for her and she’s not even here yet. I read everyday about what size she should be now, or what she’s doing inside her tiny world inside of me, and I still can’t believe that I’ll be holding her soon. In the meantime, I wanted to share a little bit of what her little corner of the world will be like once she arrives.

When we were planning her room I knew I didn’t want it to really have a theme, I just wanted her to enter a place that was tranquil and that she could call her own. So, instead of a theme we chose to add things that have meaning to us and that later will make sense to her (of course all within a little bit of a color scheme). Her bassinet was a gift from my in-laws and was my husband’s bassinet when he was born. I made the pom-poms above the bassinet for her to have something to look at later when she’s perched in her crib, meanwhile I think they are cheerful and have a sort of ‘hooray’ you’re here vibe. The animal prints above her changing table are a tribute to my husband and his love for wildlife. Many of her clothes are from our close friends, or made by family and/or family friends (including those cute pink knitted socks above in her drawer).

We can’t wait to introduce her to the world!



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    […] Preparing our little girl’s room […]

  2. Chez Nous | Pardon My French - September 22, 2013

    […] Preparing our little girl’s room […]

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