Chez Nous

22 Sep

We’ve been busy these past few weeks:

  • Preparing our little girl’s room
  • Figuring out how to operate the stroller and car seat (why don’t they tell you you’ll need an engineering degree later in life)
  • Washing her petite clothes (is there anything cuter than baby jeans!)
  • Packing our hospital bags
  • Cooking and freezing some meals for our return from the maternity (I hope my aunt’s lasagna recipe is a success)
  • Learning how to breathe and push thanks to my mid-wife
  • Shopping with my mother-in-law for the most luxurious nightgown and robe I’ve ever owned (thank you François!)
  • Talking (a lot) with my husband about our new adventure as parents
  • Spending time with friends (thank you to my friends at Act4 for the surprise aperitif and generous gift)
  • Meeting new American expats thanks to this blog
  • Designing our baby’s birth announcement (thank you to my friend Charlie)
  • Crafting various pieces for the baby’s room
  • Reading a lot of good books (here, here, here, and here)
  • Welcoming fall in Lyon (leaves are changing and scarves and jackets are in full swing)
  • And, waiting as patiently as possible for our lives to change forever with our new bundle of joy!



One Response to “Chez Nous”

  1. Seve September 22, 2013 at 3:18 pm #

    So nice, take care!! Bisous. Seve

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