On the Road: Summer 2013 – Autrans, France

11 Aug

It’s that time of the year again when France pretty much comes to a screeching halt and everyone hits the road for vacation, including us. This year, with the baby only seven weeks away we decided to keep our summer vacation close to home. We spent June painting the little lady’s room and July welcoming my parents for a visit. This month we’ve hit the road for a two week jaunt around France. The first stop: the ski resort and cute French village of Autrans (population 1,537) to visit my husband’s aunt and uncle at their summer abode.

(click on the photos to enlarge)

{Super happy that it’s not 95 degrees here}

{Autrans was the site for the tobogganing races during the 1968 winter Olympics which was held in the neighboring city of Grenoble}

{Baptiste with his aunt and uncle on our walk through Autrans}

{Local cheese producer}

{A cute little house with a beautiful garden}

{Baptiste likely talking politics with his aunt}

August 2013 -  Autrans

{Chilling out reading some French cooking magazines}

{A view of the village as we departed}

Roadside Cows

{Roadside cows on the way out of town}

Next stop: La Planche



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