Baby Mania

27 May

Just a quick look at what’s going on around here….

We selected the color for the baby’s room (vert chevrefeuille), which is a lightish green and based on a photo canvas  that we had (below), which we plan to put up in her room. We’re not really keen on a themed nursery, but we decided to do a sort of feminine/nature-style room using light woods and pulling in the blue, cream and charcoal from the canvas. At least that’s what is planned for now…my mind changes often…


I’ve been busy trying to keep my weight down by working out six days a week at a gym around the corner from our house taking pilates, spinning, water aerobics and weight training classes; eating these healthy cookies when the sweet tooth arises; keeping a journal of my pregnancy that is written in letter form to the little one and has pictures of her ultrasounds, as well as her room, etc… (I plan on giving it to her when she’s pregnant); and reading a few books, which often have me tearing up.

Baby & Me

We also have her birth announcement in the works and are awaiting a first look at it from my friend Charlie who is designing it (he also did our wedding menus, name cards, etc., which we loved).

I couldn’t help myself to the Memorial Day sales in the U.S. and purchased a few cute items for her that my parents will bring over when they come in early July. I think they’re going to need a suitcase just for her.

Next on the list is to knit her a blanket. Since she’ll be born into the winter months, so there’s no doubt she’ll need to be bundled up…



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