Say ahh!

8 Oct

Today I went to the dentist in Lyon for the first time, and I don’t think I’ve stopped talking about it since I got home. My dentist, Benoît (sorry François), is actually one of four dentist friends we have and the only one who speaks English (Laurianne a bit too, but she works in Marseille), which was a bonus for me when I had to explain to him that the reason my back teeth are destroyed is no, not from eating enormous amounts of jawbreakers as a kid, but because I did another childish thing in my mid-twenties and had a tongue ring. But I digress, doctor’s/dentist’s offices here in the city are often in regular apartment buildings and  Benoît’s office is no different. After my walk up to the third floor, I arrived to what could have been mistaken for a small modern art museum. It was a far cry from my former dentist’s office which was inside of a 1970’s mall in Miami and which I can say was nowhere near the level of decorated or clean that Benoît’s office is. After I filled out a small questionnaire on my health, I was ushered into a waiting room where I sat for no more than five minutes before Benoît came to get me (a nice change from the yelling and screaming I used to do with our long time family dentist when he would make us wait at least 30 minutes before he even came to get you and then sometimes left you in the chair for another 30 while he finished up with another patient). He guided me into his office and the first thing I thought was “holy poshness batman!” It was a huge room, I would say three times the size of any American dentist’s room, with sparkling white pieces of equipment that looked like they were just taken out of the box yesterday. I sat down in the chair and as I looked up I saw my chart displayed on the screen in front of me, which was controlled by Benoît from his computer just alongside me. It’s hard to explain completely, but the level of dental technology in that room far surpasses any dentist I had been to in the U.S. The biggest difference was when my nettoyage (cleaning) only took 20 minutes! I was literally in and out in less than 30 minutes and 10 of those were spent chatting about the rentrée (the beginning of September when everyone goes back to work after the long August vacation). Before we said au revoiahah (sorry, couldn’t help it), Benoît’s wife Benedict, who is also a dentist in the same office, came out to say hello.

Note: If you live in Lyon and are looking for a dentist who speaks English you can find Dr. Bach’s information here. I was also contacted by another English-speaking dentist named Alexandre Baroud, you can find his information here.


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