Rouge, Blanc and Bleu

20 Sep

In an effort to really not speak French, I’ve joined an English club! It was actually sort of an accident, although a good one. It’s a story a bit too complicated for the blog, but let’s just say it’s your average six degrees of separation paradox. In any case, the first event I was a part of was Act4’s July 4th party, which I posted about here, and after that the head of the club asked me if I wanted to be a bit more involved in the organization. I was flattered and of course said yes, so now I’m one of the 12 organizers. This week we celebrated the club’s fifth year anniversary with une grande fête (a big party) where more than 160 people attended and was held in Lyon’s Hôtel de Ville, aka the city hall, with four really prestigious speakers: Jean-Michel Daclin, Deputy Mayor of Lyon and the Vice-President of Greater Lyon, in charge of international relations and attractiveness of the territory; Jacques de Chilly, the Executive Director of Aderly, Lyon’s development agency; Mark Shapiro, U.S. Consul in Lyon; and Mathieu De Armey, America House Director.

This is the main ballroom where we had the party. Not your average American city hall, huh!

That’s me trying to use some sort of French technique to make the napkins look fancy…those French!

You can see all of the photo’s Emily took here.


One Response to “Rouge, Blanc and Bleu”

  1. Valerie Hernandez September 20, 2012 at 9:00 pm #

    Looks like a beautiful event! It’s always good to make some anglo friends…You need someone who can appreciate a good Seinfeld episode reference from time-to-time. : ) Glad to hear you’re doing well.

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