5 Sep

I was lucky enough to be invited to Monaco recently by a good friend to spend three more days in the sun before it’s back to school for me. I had heard about Monaco and of course seen pictures, but what I encountered was nothing I could ever imagine. You would think that being on the Mediterranean Sea you could smell the fresh sea breeze, but instead all I could smell was the money. It’s dripping out of every orifice of that city state. I guess it’s no wonder since the place has the lowest poverty rate and the highest number of millionaires and billionaires in the world.

However, it’s a petite little city (only 0.76 sq miles) with a little more than 36,000 people making it the second smallest and the most densely populated “country” in the world (it’s more like the relationship the U.S. has with Puerto Rico). Monaco is a principality governed under a form of constitutional monarchy, with Prince Albert II as head of state.

Needless to say it is simply beautiful with not an ounce of trash on the floor – think the streets at Disney World. There is a wonderful view of the sea from almost every place you stand. The friend I went with, Stephanie, was actually raised there and so she took me for a quick tour where I jumped in and out of the car taking pictures. The highlights are pictured below….

(click on each photo strip to see them bigger)

A big thank you to Stephanie and her mother Martine for hosting me. Bisous!


One Response to “Monacooooh….”

  1. Paulette Fennewald September 6, 2012 at 12:59 am #

    Okay Court, now your just starting to irritate me with your fabulous life! Please stop, or I may become suicidal. I spent 10 hours today tending toddlers who after a jaunt in the mud, had to bathe, even before lunch. Ces la vie, as you would say, huh?

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