Sunday In the Park

18 Jun

It’s been beautiful here in Lyon (even the giraffes came out to play), so yesterday we decided to picnic in the park with a light lunch and some reading, well, at least until my poor Kindle decided it wanted to stop working (p.s. Amazon’s customer service is incredible, they are sending me a new one!). We munched on a few things that my husband picked up from the market that morning, including the lovely green cheese (pictured above), which is surprisingly good with a ripe tomato and some fresh bread from our new boulangerie which just opened across the street from our house. After we spent way too much time in the sun (my back is the color of a tomato), we stopped by one of the various concession stands to pick up an orange and grenadine granita (or as we call them back home a slushy) for our walk home.

Summer has finally arrived in Lyon!


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  1. Sundays in Lyon | French Press - October 17, 2012

    […] Have a picnic: Buy somethings on Saturday or take some cheese and wine (of course you have this at home because you’re in France) and head out to the park. […]

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