Le changement, c'est maintenant

14 May

We, meaning the French, just elected a new president about a week ago and his campagin slogan was, “Le changement, c’est maintenant” (the change, it’s now). C’est vrai (it’s true), not just for the French (politics are the same everywhere), but for me personally. Of course the big change for me this year was our move to France, and with that comes a bunch of other changes; however the one big change is the language, which at times I think is one of the most impossible changes to overcome (example: to say I miss you the French actually say you miss me!!). I often daydream about the day when my French is as good as or better than my English, but we all have to walk before we can run.

My walk, when it comes to the French language has been more of a crawl, I like to think it’s a salut to my new nephew Colton – I’ll run when he can I say! After taking French classes for about eight months it wasn’t until my parents came here on their vacation recently and I was forced to translate just about everything including conversations between my in-laws that I realized I CAN SPEAK FRENCH – not well and often broken, but je peux parler! I have to say it’s one of the achievements in my life I’m the most proud of. It’s like staring at one of those dot drawings that’s supposed to turn into an image and then, when all of a sudden it does and you can actually see the entire image you want to scream with joy and you’re almost happy when the other person can’t see it because you feel like you have better super powers than they do. Yeah, it’s like that!

Today in class, the professor asked us if we were all happy in France and I almost cried telling him that I love my French life (j’adore ma vie francais). Change is hard at times, but change, if you are able to embrace it truly, can be one of the greatest gifts of life.

Thank you to everyone thus far who have helped me to become a little more French everyday, but a big thank you to my parents who helped me my entire life to be able to arrive to this moment in my life.

Mom, dad, I love you and vous me manquez beaucoup!


One Response to “Le changement, c'est maintenant”

  1. Paulette Fennewald May 15, 2012 at 12:46 pm #

    this is a beautiful testiment to your new life, Courtney, you continue to amaze me everyday!

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