Frenchified Friday: Le Home Stretch

27 Apr


/ˈfrɛntʃəˌfaɪ/ [fren-chuh-fahy] verb (used with object), -fied, -fy·ing. to make (something or someone) resemble the French, as in manners, customs, or dress.

This week is the home stretch before my parents arrive to Lyon, and if my parent’s “bonjour” and “au revoir” are anything like I’ve heard them say recently, then this week calls for a crash course!

Mom, Dad, here’s a compliation of three videos I think you should watch before you depart. (Note: if you are viewing this in the email version, you have to actually go to my blog to watch the videos).

Ok, first I think you should watch “Two Days in Paris” – it’s a classic tale of an American’s first time meeting his French girlfriend’s parents, and since you have less than two days to spend in Paris this will give you a good overview of the things you won’t see while you’re there. (note: this is actually the entire movie on YouTube):

The next video will give you a good idea what Lyon is like – see, Paris is not the only city in France!

Finally, it is Frenchified Friday, so I had to add one little lesson – please, please try not to act like this dude in “Shit Americans Say in Paris.”

Bonus: “Midnight in Paris”

This is a classic Woody Allen flick, but I added it to see if you can spot out-going president Sarkozy’s wife Carla Bruni in the movie (he only has nine days left in office – the presidental elections will take place while you’re here).

Bon voyage!


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