A Peaceful Pâques in La Planche

10 Apr

Typically, the holidays in France are celebrated with lots of food and wine, but last Sunday when we celebrated Easter, or as they call it here Pâques, at my husband’s grandmother’s house it felt a little less about the food and wine and more about a peaceful day with family.

His grandmother, otherwise known as Minu, lives in a town called La Planche, which is near the wine region of Burgundy (according to statistics in 2007 there were 981 people living in La Planche). It’s hard to believe, but she’s lived there all her life. I’ve only been there about three times, but each time I am captivated by it’s peacefulness and natural beauty.

Minu's house, although she grew up a few doors down in another house which the family sold some years ago.

Jean-Yves, Baptiste's father, with his mother Minu.

The place settings for our Paques lunch. Baptiste's uncle Francis carved those napkin holders with the names of the family on them.

Francis and Minu getting ready to dig in to my carrot cake

Mon gâteau à la carotte

Baptiste's mom made these - they are my favorite treat in France - a lightly fried dough with powdered sugar...seriously dangerous as I can eat many of them

We went for a walk after lunch and you can see the red doors of Minu's house in the distance

This is where they used to go to wash their clothes

A view from inside

Nicou, Baptiste's aunt, planting some flowers in the front yard while Baptiste's cousin Audrey and her boyfriend Thomas watch

This was on our way home..all throughout Burgundy there are these beautiful fields of yellow flowers called rape. Rapeseed is grown for the production of animal feed, vegetable oil for human consumption, and biodiesel.

 I hope you found your holiday to be as warm and peaceful as I did mine.

Lots of love from France!


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