Frenchified Friday: Don't Whine

6 Apr


/ˈfrɛntʃəˌfaɪ/ [fren-chuh-fahy] verb (used with object), -fied, -fy·ing. to make (something or someone) resemble the French, as in manners, customs, or dress.

In honor of my parents arriving to France in about a month, I thought I would provide some insight on how they can frenchify themselves during their stay here by offering them some petite tips every Friday.

Mom and dad, pay attention…you’re about to get frenchified!

Lesson #1

Show a distinct interest in wine. You won’t be able to tell the difference between a chablis or a chardonnay here, so just say, “Je voudrais un verre de vin blanc, s’il vous plait” (translation: I would like a glass of white wine, please).  They’ll give you the “house” wine which is 100% better than a house wine in the U.S. and a whole lot cheaper. Attention: don’t ever try to drink as much as the French, they have a special gene which allows them to drink an entire winery without any affects.

Other variations on this are:

  • “Je voudrais un verre de vin rouge, s’il vous plait.” (translation: mom is going off the charts and ordering a red wine)
  • “J’aime beaucoup ce vin.” (translation: I really like this wine, can you order the next time since I have no idea what I’m doing.)
  • When all else fails, you say: “Baptiste, est-ce que tu peux commander pour nous.” (translation: Baptiste, this is your country, you order)

Until next week….Santé!


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