La Forteresse

1 Feb
Last weekend we took a trip to visit Baptiste’s aunt and uncle who live in a place called La Forteresse in the countryside. Just to give you an idea of where they live, according to Wikipedia the land area is approximately 3.56 square-miles and it says the population is 235, but I didn’t see a single house nearby. The road down (and then up) to their house is not marked or paved and last weeked the conditions were well, less than safe, if you ask me, to be driving on (Chad – just about as scary as our Costa Rica experience).
It’s hard to believe, but Baptiste’s uncle has lived here his whole life. Currently, they have two donkeys, six sheep, and a bunch of chickens, but they don’t use any of them for food – except the eggs from the chickens. They also have a big walnut tree that they use to make walnut oil and walnut wine, which is delicious. In addition, they have a plethora of veggies and fruits. They gave us a big pumpkin and I’ve already made muffins and bread – I feel so domestic making my own pumpkin puree!

I didn’t take that many photos because as they say, I was taking it all in…but here are just a few:

The entrance to La Forteresse

Their house

Baptiste with one of their donkeys

and these are their sheep

I loved the sheep (especially the second one from the left)

this is part of their barn

**It should be noted that there were no animals harmed in the making of this blog post

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