A Walk in the Park

26 Jan

Today I could have sworn it was spring, it was bright and sunny and the temperature was moderate at about 63F I would guess, so I decided to take a walk through Parc de la Tête d’Or (literally, Park of the Golden Head and legend says that a treasure with a Christ’s head could be buried in the park). It is located in central Lyon (about 1k or a little less than one mile from our apartment), and is a 290 acre urban park (just for reference New York’s Central Park is about 843 acres). It receives a huge number of visitors over summer, and is a frequent destination for joggers (including me) and cyclists. At the northern end of the park, there is a small zoo, with giraffes, elephants, tigers and other animals. There are also small paddle boats for rent, mini-golf, horse riding, a miniature train and a restaurant (which I just discovered today) that overlooks the large lake in the middle of the park.

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