Home Sweet Home

23 Jan

My first trip to Paris was in November 2010 for the wedding of my husband’s brother. I remember how excited I was to make the trip from Miami (we weren’t yet living in Lyon nor were we married yet) to the city of lights. We were only staying in Paris for two days to attend the wedding and then we were off to Lyon. I remember thinking after our trip on the flight home how much I didn’t like Paris and why everyone was so in love with this city. The streets were crowded, there was too much traffic, the weather was nasty and my feet hurt (I thought kitten heels were going to be a safe bet…boy was I wrong).

Well, now, a little more than a year later I can honestly say that now I know why everyone hearts Paris. I’ve walked some of this world’s most magnificent cities…Rome, London, Athens, New York…and none of them are even comparable to Paris. Paris is the world’s biggest museum. Everywhere you turn there’s something to see, photograph, learn and be inspired by. My first glimpse of the Arc de Triomphe as we entered onto the Champs-Élysées is an image that I won’t soon forget, but Paris is also in the details – the lamp posts, the metro signs, the intricate architecture on the buildings are all so breathtaking and really want I liked the best.

(click on the images to enlarge them)

Paris is indeed a breathtaking city, but as I stepped off the train in Lyon and began my walk to our apartment I had only one thought…America is my country, but Lyon is my hometown!


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