La fin du semestre!

17 Jan

The University

Last week was the end of my first semester at the University of Lyon, and after four months of studying French I can now speak un peu de français. The classes took place in one of the university’s three schools – I go to Lyon 2 and am part of the CIEF, the international center for French studies, which specialises in linguistic and cultural studies for non French-speakers. Our class was really intimate and made up of 16 students from China, Japan, Korea, Austrailia, Norway, Mexico, Bulgaria and Algeria. We attended class everyday for about four hours a day with two different professors and one student teacher. Of the two main teachers, one (Muriel) was focused on teaching us the grammar and effectively how to use it and the other (Jean-Yves) helped us with pronunciation, although he mainly liked to joke around and make fun of us and when I say “us” I mostly mean me – I don’t think he’s too fond of the U.S. The student teacher got us speaking and interacting with each other to practice what we learned each week.

Anyway, on the last day of class after our exams we had a culinary cultural exchange in our class with Muriel. Everyone was asked to bring a dish that represented their country…what do you bring to represent the U.S. when it is a culinary and cultural melting pot? Me, I brought brownies with a cream cheese swirl…I had already made the class a pumpkin cheese cake during Thanksgiving. Below are some photos of our fete:

My 1st semester class

Our professor Muriel reading a card we gave her with our messages in French

Stephanie and Yang from China

Brown cheese and waffles from Norway

Julliet (from Norway) and Eun-Jung (from Korea)

Spicy tofu made by one of the Chinese students and Eun-Jung's dish, I don't remember what it was, but it was absolutely delicious!

Denitsa (from Bulgaria), Jorge (from Mexico) and Naoel (from Algeria)

Muriel enjoying our dishes - this one was from China, some caramel looking stuff between two crackers with a chopstick to hold on to it

Well…until next semester…now I’m off to Paris for a few days and then back to the U.S. to visit my family and my new nephew!!

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