L'Hiver à Lyon

30 Dec

Meilleurs Voeux! Season’s Greetings! I wanted to share what we’ve been up to in December:

The holiday season began on December 8 with Fête des Lumières, the annual festival of lights in Lyon.

This was followed by our annual holiday cookie baking:

Then, the first snow came in Lyon just a few days before Christmas:

This is from out of the window in our kitchen

 Followed by Baptiste’s birthday celebration:

Then we left for the chalet in Les Carroz in the mountains to celebrate Christmas:

Baptiste's birthday celebration in the mountain

Christmas Eve

My nephew Clement making his last call to Papa Noel

In France we put our shoes under the tree so Papa Noel knows where to place your gifts

Papa Noel making sure everything is set

I was excited be be able to spend the holidays with one of my favorite people - Minou, Baptiste's grandmother

Clement checking out his stash

The table setting for Christmas

Christmas lunch menu

Getting ready for Christmas lunch

Me trying to charm neighbor Marc into making more foie gras - he's an amazing cook!

Let the eating begin!

Foie gras - yum!

Obama let this one get away! Minou checking out the Christmas bird.

After lunch we sang Christmas carols in French!

Something to wash it all down with...love the view out the window.

We worked off lunch with a few rounds of ice skating

I attempted to ski...the French really have some real mountains compared to the U.S. I found I was much better at apres ski...also known as the bar.

The day before we left the moutain we ate at one of the mountain side restaurants

To top it all off my nephew was born! Welcome to the world Colton! Congratulations Terri & Chad!

I hope your holiday season was filled with as much joy and happiness as mine was!

May you have a very Happy New Year!

Until 2012….


One Response to “L'Hiver à Lyon”

  1. jaydeclements December 30, 2011 at 7:08 pm #

    What an exciting Christmas holiday! I was wondering what you guys were up to 🙂 I think I’d be better at the après ski as well…

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