Nursery Rhymes & Other Things I've Learned

19 Sep

I recently went to interview for a company here called Baby-Speaking, where I will be teaching French children English.  During the interview, the person asked me if I knew any nursery rhymes, and I totally went blank.  So it got me thinking as to what other things I’ve had to learn in the last 19 days that I’ve been in Lyon.

  1. Patience
  2. J’adore quignon
  3. There are three rivers in Lyon and one is made of wine
  4. Body language can save a conversation – and so can a English to French dictionary
  5. I don’t look French
  6. Lunch is supposed to be two hours
  7. The computer keyboard in Europe is retarded – why must I hit shift to make a period!
  8. Public transportation rocks!
  9. In comte we trust
  10. A cafe = expresso – not a gigantic cup of American coffee
  11. Apperitif is just an excuse to have a liquid dinner
  12. Oh, and not to mention the language….my first class starts on Monday…

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