The Three Rivers of Lyon

14 Sep

Lyon is said to be the city of three rivers – the Rhône and Saône rivers which converge here – and the Beaujolais wine.  A river of wine I said, well then, we have to check it out!  We were invited to go by my husband’s friend Jean-Charles who’s family has a long history of producing wine in the region.  We were going to taste the first grapes of the season, as the picking just ended a week ago and everyone is now busy producing their wine for next year.  We arrived on Saturday in time for lunch and ate at this charming restaurant in Ville de Morgon where I was introduced to one of Beaujolais’ famous dishes – oeufs meurette, poached eggs in a red wine sauce; which to me seems perfect for a Sunday brunch.  Absolutely delicous!

After lunch we took a walk through the quaint town of Morgon.  Unlike Napa, in Beaujolais, which is home to more than 250 wine producers, you can walk right up to the home of a wine producer and ask for a tasting which is free.  Many of the producers have what is called a Cave where they store their wine and they are also often used as places to host wine tastings.  So, due to my husband’s curiosity we ended up inside the cave of Pierre Savoye, Morgon’s Mayor, who’s wife Nicole Descombes Savoye, also produces wine.  With no more than a “bonjour” he invited us to sit down in his cave for a taste of his 2008 wine.  A few glasses later he lead us to where his new wine was fermenting to show us inside the barrels.  It will definitely go down as one of the coolest experiences ever.  After that, we went to the home of Jean-Charles’ brother Patrick Bouland, who is also a wine producer.  I’ve included some photos below in Jean-Charles’ wine yard, as well as a few from his brother’s house.  To see the full album which includes pictures of the Bouland’s preparing the wine check out my Facebook photo album by clicking here.



2 Responses to “The Three Rivers of Lyon”

  1. Jacquie September 18, 2011 at 11:37 pm #

    Fantastique!! I am incredibly jealous…. 🙂


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    […] oceans of it washing through their bouchons, to the point that the old joke – What are the three rivers of Lyon? The Rhone, the Saöne and the Beaujolais – stopped being terribly […]

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